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As leading R&D consultants in Ireland, Braithwaite is staffed by exceptional employees around the globe including a wide range of diplomas, masters, and degrees. Our family focus has allowed Braithwaite to grow and flourish for over 30+ years. Get to know some of the Braithwaite family below.

Bruce Braithwaite​


Bruce joined one of the big four international accounting firms from 1976 and articled with them until 1978 when he received his Canadian chartered accountant’s designation. He remained with the firm as a taxation specialist until 1982, when he left to form a boutique accounting firm specializing in providing services for knowledge-based industries. In 1994 Bruce formed Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc. (Braithwaite), a company of scientists, engineers and taxation accountants that assist taxpayers in preparing R&D tax credit claims.

Under his tenure Braithwaite has grown to be one of the largest national independent R&D tax credit advisory companies in Canada, serving about 350 clients on an annual basis and filing more than 16,000 R&D claims at a success rate of greater than 98%. Over the years, Braithwaite has expanded and is now doing R&D tax credit claims in the US, UK, Brazil, and Ireland with a staff complement of 125 people.

Bruce is a frequent lecturer on R&D tax credit matters. He has published a number of professional conference papers and newspaper, magazine articles and a book related to this subject. He has served on a number of professional committees at the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants and served two terms as President of the North York CA Association.

Bruce Braithwaite has been providing SR&ED tax credit advisory services for more than 30 years and has overseen the compilation of more than 10,000 claims. His commitment and the commitment of all members of the firm, to honesty in preparing claims, are well recognized in the tax community. The firm has a policy of only submitting claims for projects and costs that are eligible for approval. This is preferable to a “try it and see” approach to selecting projects and determining costs. Braithwaite’s approach and reputation works for the benefit of the client, smoothing the compliance and related review process.

Ghazaleh Hashemian

Chief Operations Officer
+353 867927963

Ghazaleh Hashemian is the Chief Operations Officer for Braithwaite Ireland. Ghazaleh oversees Braithwaite Ireland Operations, Business Development, Client Relations and Marketing departments.
Ghazaleh holds a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Trinity College Dublin and B.Sc in Microbiology from UCD.
From 2010, Ghazaleh has been embedded in Ireland’s Research and Development market, serving in a number of technical and consulting roles. Having deep expertise on both the advisory and technical side of R&D Tax Credit processes affords her a holistic insight into the claim process. This unique insight ensures that client claims are processed in an effective and efficient manner.

Kathy Webb

Chief Financial Officer

Kathy has been the Chief Financial Officer for Braithwaite for over 24 years.

She is an experienced controller with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. skilled in business planning, financial accounting, start-ups, and corporate finance. 

Matt Mayer

Operations Manager

Matt has been with Braithwaite since 2012 but has taken on the Operations Manager role for all Braithwaite locations (Canada, Ireland and the UK) since 2013.

As the Operations Manager, Matt is involved with all aspects of the business. With his education background from Seneca College, Matt focuses on improving and maintaining the internal Braithwaite process as well as customer care. It is his mission to bring out the best in his employees and customers by providing excellent and exceptional service.


Brenda O’Leary

Sales & Account Manager
+353 86 319 4747

Cavan Native Brenda holds a B.Sc. in Marketing Management and a European Diploma in Marketing Techniques.  She has over 20 years Sales, Marketing and Business Development professional experience across Engineering, Construction, Retail, Advertising and Start Up industries.

With a keen interest in Irish Businesses, she enjoys keeping abreast of how companies adapt and evolve to meet their business needs and challenges.  Brenda is passionate about supporting investment for R&D activities and took the natural step to join Braithwaite Ireland.  

She looks forward to working with many innovative companies in Ireland, bringing her expertise and keen eye to add value to clients’ claims.


Shweta Mehta

Office Admin | Market Research

Shweta has been associated with Braithwaite for two years and recently took up the role of Office Administrator. She looks after the final step of our business process – invoicing and collections. Also an avid market researcher, she is determined to locate targeted prospects for the SR&ED Tax Credit Claim. Her aim is to develop a great rapport with existing and potential clients.

Finally, Shweta continues to enhance the Braithwaite brand by highlighting our success stories and the latest industry news on Social Media.

Fred Lopez

Book Keeper | Accounting Clerk

Employed by Braithwaite for over 8 years, Fred has an extensive accounting background.

Fred is always learning and developing new skills to bring to the Braithwaite team.

Gregory (Greg) Molev, Ph.D.

Senior Science Advisor

Greg is actively involved in scientific research since 2000. He has experience in analytical and organic chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology and material science. Greg authored 18 publications in leading scientific journals, registered a US patent and presented at many international conferences.Since 2013 Greg has worked on a variety of SR&ED claims (preparation and support). During that time, he prepared successful claims for many companies from various industries, focusing on chemical engineering, cannabis, food, pharma, and clinical research related corporations of all sizes. The majority of his clients were approved by CRA, and those audited had their claim successfully defended. His passion for research and a deep understanding of science and technology are most helpful, both in technical narratives preparation and in supporting his clients in their ongoing projects. As part of his consulting, Greg provides training on how to convert certain sections of routine work into SR&ED eligible projects.

In addition to SR&ED practice, Greg is an R&D consultant in two cosmetics manufacturing companies. He assists in developing research plans and runs hands-on experiments when necessary

Steven Yang

Senior R&D Consultant

Steven has assisted in the preparation, Revenue audit review and notice of objection of Irish R&D, Canadian SR&ED and U.S. R&E claims through identifying eligible projects and expenditures, preparing technical reports/questionnaires, and reviewing supporting technical documentation. Steven is involved in preparing IT/Software claims for a wide range of IT and non-IT industries, such as computer/web security, automotive, social media, gaming, computer graphics, distributed systems, financial institutions, insurance companies, etc.

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