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Braithwaite specialises in an extensive list of industries across Ireland and the UK, servicing multiple businesses with the R&D Tax Credit. Please click on your preferred industry below for eligibility details.


As an R&D Tax Credit specialist for the aerospace industry, it’s important to highlight that Ireland boasts an impressive presence..

Agriculture & Agri-Food

As specialists in R&D Tax Credits within the Agriculture & Agri-Food industry, we understand the importance of these sectors..

Engineering & Manufacturing

As an R&D Tax Credit specialist within the Engineering and manufacturing industry, we understand that Research and Development..

Software & IT

For businesses in the Software & IT domain, pursuing R&D tax credits in Ireland becomes paramount to fueling business growth and..

Food & Beverage

The Food & Drink sector is a hotbed of research and development, with companies consistently exploring new avenues.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry continues to grapple with the ongoing challenge of discovering and extracting energy to meet global..

Pharma & Medical Devices

The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries are currently experiencing a surge in Ireland, with top companies relocating or..

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