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R&D Calculator – Determine your next R&D Tax Credit Claim, by entering in some expenditure figures below. This rough estimate is designed to assist companies with the R&D programme.

Research & Development Tax Credit Ireland

Calculate Your Next Irish R&D Tax Credit Claim

A simple calculator for determining R&D tax refund estimate.

To qualify for R&D Tax Credits in Ireland, businesses must fall under the jurisdiction of Irish Taxation. It’s essential to note that all applications for R&D Tax Credits must be submitted within 12 months following the conclusion of the financial period when the eligible expenditures were accrued. Furthermore, eligible companies should be actively engaged in research and development activities, which can encompass improvements to existing products, services, or processes, as well as the creation of entirely new offerings in their respective industries.

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Determine your next R&D Tax Credit Claim

Calculate R&D

Companies can either receive this as a credit against their CT liability, cash refund or possibly both. For more information please contact us.

Please note that the R&D tax credit calculator is a rough estimate of credit or cash refund your business can avail. However, there are some additional calculations that may affect this credit or refund. This tool should be used as a guideline only and not in the place of professional, accurate consultation.

If you have questions about the R&D tax credit programme or are unsure if the work you are doing is eligible please contact us.

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