What We Offer

For over 10 years, Braithwaite has evolved to provide the very best services for each and every one of our customers. Our tailored services increase R&D funding, lowers time spent on R&D writing and allows our customers to use their time wisely on their research and innovation.

Free 30-Minute R&D Assessment

To determine possible R&D eligibility for the R&D Tax Credit Claim

Tailored Meetings

We are capable of conducting, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings to assist our clients. Alternatively, we customise a service suitable for each client.

Identifying ‘’Uncovered’’ R&D Eligible Work

We employ engineers, scientists & developers that consistently uncover areas of missed opportunities

Maximize Claim Value by 5%-20%

Concerned you are not maximising your claim? You might be right. We often increase claims by 5%-20%

Lunch & Learn Workshops

We take the time to educate all our clients on a regular basis and operate on a transparent process

Information Tracking Systems

We streamline your current processes or develop new information tracking systems

Technical Templates & Costing Templates

Our Irish Revenue and HMRC friendly templates allow for a smooth and easy process for all our clients

Audit / Review Support

Full-service support from beginning to end, all included in our very competitive fee

Claim Success Rate

Over 1 Billion recovered for our clients and a 99% success rate in claim submissions

Get Innovation Funding Today

Engage our experts to optimise your R&D Tax Credit claim process, manage the compliance burden and reduce uncertainty
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