Every morning you get up and at 7 AM you make your favourite ham and salad sandwich and take it to work for lunch at 12:30 PM. Yum.

You read an article that states that a company is claiming R&D credits for making ham and salad sandwiches and you think….

The world has gone mad, I do that every day!

But think again….

  • I make one sandwich VS They are making 100,000 in a day
  • Mine is a one-off VS Theirs have to be consistent specification and quality
  • Mine lasts until about 12:30 PM (on a good day) but if I get held up in a meeting sometimes the bread is a bit soggy VS Theirs has a shelf life of three days and quality is critical

Suddenly doesn’t sound quite so simple, does it?

Food companies have invested millions in developing processes to increase throughput; on testing their materials to achieve consistent specification and quality; and on understanding how different ingredients interact with each other to potentially impact the sandwich shelf life and how to design the packaging to optimise the sandwich quality and eating experience for you the consumer.

R&D tax credit claim covers a broad spectrum from innovation in products, materials, services and processes. Braithwaite can help you identify eligible activities to include in your R&D claim.

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