The misconception in the construction and engineering industry is that many activities conducted by companies are seen as standard or routine, nothing to do with research and development. This is far from the truth as there are many eligible R&D activities within the industry. Below are some of the eligible R&D activities in the construction and engineering industry.

Examples of Eligible R&D activities (for a list of work that is not eligible click here):

  • Developing new products such as lighter weight, stronger, resilient or easier to process building materials;
  • Reducing the impact on the surrounding environment through new construction processes;
  • Developing off site manufacturing and modularisation techniques to improve delivery time and reduce costs;
  • Integrating renewable energy technology in buildings to reduce carbon footprint;
  • Developing novel techniques for land remediation / reclamation to minimise effect on surrounding environment;
  • Developing unique water treatment plants to optimise capacity and efficiency;
  • Designing using composite building materials to improve the energy efficiency of a building;
  • Integrating new materials to improve product performance and manufacturing process;
  • Streamlining manufacturing process through automation;
  • Developing a pilot plant to investigate concept of a new process to increasing throughput.

Expenditures can include wages, third party contractor cost (contractor performing R&D in EEA), materials, machinery, equipment, and overheads.

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